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Has your marriage lost its PASSION?

I'm not a marriage counselor, BUT...

I do know one thing about a happier, healthier marriage.

At least, it's the ONE thing that made all the difference in the world in my life and marriage.

When I felt miserable, down in the dumps and only holding on by a thread, it was so easy to blame all my problems on my husband. 

"If only..." I caught myself thinking AND saying often. My burdens became his burdens and my expectation was that HE had to fix it, HE had to change, HE had to make MY world better.

You can probably imagine I was setting myself up for disappointment, and putting a lot of strain on my husband and our marriage...

I'll never forget that Sunday morning I was laying in bed, and from somewhere deep within me, I mustered up strength to change things. ME. I was in control. I was in charge of where my life was headed. 
It was time for me to start picking up the pieces. It was time for me to start mending myself well - and I would love to help you do the same.

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